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Homeowners Are Using New Rebates To Go Solar, Congress Extends Solar Incentives One More Year

1 hour 15 minutes ago

If your zip code qualifies, you could actually get paid to go solar!

Smart homeowners are using this tax incentivized solar program to save up to 70% on their monthly energy costs by going solar. There's absolutely NO COST to see if you qualify.

In order to get more people to switch to clean solar energy, Federal and State Governments are highly incentivizing homeowners who live in specific zip codes to go solar with $1000’s of dollars in rebates and incentives that can cover 100% of the costs associated with a new solar panel installation.

$0 Solar Panel Installation - Is It Possible?

When homeowners visit this website to see if they qualify, many are shocked to learn that solar panels can be installed on their home with no upfront costs after rebates and solar incentives. You can find out which solar incentives are offered in your area by entering your zip code.

You can even use this tool to help calculate your savings by entering your utility provider and your average power bill. In many cases, customers are saving up to 50% on the cost of powering their home each year. Here's an example of monthly energy savings that can be expected after installing solar panels:

Will Solar Affect The Value Of My Home?

Yes! Each case is different, but many homeowners see a rise in home value of over $35,000. Beyond that, it can generate 10's of thousands of dollars in savings in your utility bill over the lifetime of your solar system. However, if you want to lock yourself into this year's Government incentives, you should act now.

How Do I See If My Home Qualifies?

Step 1: Click the green button below

Step 2: On the next page, enter information about your home

Step 3: If your home and zip code are eligible for rebates, you will have an opportunity to compare the best savings

Click Here To See If You Qualify »

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